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Are you currently in a career or business that leaves you wondering if true success and fulfillment are just out of reach? 

What if you can turn those doubts into stepping stones, would you dare to take the leap? 

Imagine embracing each day with confidence, guided by a plan that aligns your deepest passions with your professional goals.

Kristin combines decades of entrepreneurial experience with a heartfelt passion for helping others discover what they are truly good at and enjoy doing then matching that with the career or business that is a perfect fit for them. Through personalized coaching and biblical framework, she walks the path with you, empowering you to weave your faith deeply into your personal and professional growth. Discover how to turn every challenge into a victory and every dream into a plan.

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Hey Hey I'm Kristin Ostrander!


Speaker, Author, & Success Coach. And I have a question to ask:

Have you ever been told your dreams are too big?

I've been there.

As a wife and mom of three, I turned skepticism into motivation and built two million-dollar online businesses.

Today, I'm not just a successful entrepreneur but also a podcast host and the author of DREAM BIG, STEP SMALL.

Now, with renewed passion, I dedicate myself to inspiring and guiding others to break through barriers, ignite their courage, and follow their dreams‚ÄĒnever losing hope along the way.

Let me help you unlock your fullest potential as we journey together towards greatness. 

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