Hey Hey, I'm Kristin Ostrander. 

Success Coach, Author and Speaker.

And I am so thrilled you’re here. Whether I’m sharing Biblical frameworks and principles on how to grow in life and business or coaching incredible women like you…

My passion is to inspire you to embrace all that God has planned for you. Step into your path to purposeful success– a life filled with purpose, passion, and empowerment.

How it all began...

The Leap Beyond the box


As a wife and mom of 3, I turned my dream of being my own boss into reality, building two million-dollar online businesses over 20 years– Amazon FBA and Mommy Income (teaching others how to start and grow their e-commerce store)...


And I loved every moment. It was life-changing!


However, a pivotal choice had to be made…


So, I stepped off the Amazon train and closed the chapters of Mommy Income. Even though the train was moving full speed ahead... this was just my stop.




Because I discovered my life’s true purpose went beyond the confines of Amazon. The platform was incredible and teaching others how to use it was amazing, but it limited the impact I could have. 


I wanted more. And knew there was more.


I felt a deep pull towards something new, beyond the 'Amazon box.' My passion wasn't just in creating product bundles or navigating the e-commerce landscape. It lies in teaching, coaching, and witnessing the growth and success of incredible individuals like YOU!


Prayers Lead to Purpose 

But my simple new beginning didn’t happen right away!

Even though I was excited and expectant for the future God called me to, I had no clue yet on the direction, so I prayed…

And the true "aha" moment came during a chat with a business mentor and expert on career transitions. 

Together we did the hard work of peeling back the layers and getting super honest about what mattered most to me. 

What I discovered and finally fully embraced was...

My heart's deepest desire AND my #1 Skill is to help others become successful.

I love to orchestrate success in others by creating plans and strategies to help them reach their goals.

The truth was loud and clear:

If I was brave enough to make a change I could help more people become successful!

If I stepped out of my comfort zone I could facilitate change in the world in a bigger way by helping others discover what they are truly good at and enjoy doing then matching that with the career or business that is a perfect fit for them. 


And if that is where you are right now, you are in the right place.

And I know you might not consider yourself an entrepreneur yet. But guess what? You're already on your way.

Whether you're a budding business owner, visionary thinker, or simply exploring new paths, you find yourself facing new challenges every day. You're charting unknown territory, and you know you could use some guidance to walk out all that God has planned for you. That's where my courses and coaching come in.

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